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They Google for information if they have to and purchase online only if they cannot do so in a local store.

They may also keep a blog, and they have a website if they are in business.

A note to the wise: Immigrants who wish to switch from "reluctant adopter" to "enthusiastic adopter" or members of either group who wish to become more adept with technology are encouraged to hire a patient, pleasant digital native to help build up the skill set.

Digital Natives fall into the following three major groups: Some young people, even though they were born digital, do not feel an affinity for digital technologies and, unlike most of their peers, they are not enamored by Facebook, texting or mobile technologies.

Members of this small group of digital natives use a cell phone (it's pretty much cripplingly impractical not to have one these days), but do not have an email, Facebook or Twitter account, and may not even have Internet access at home. realize that technology is a part of today's world, and they try to engage with it minimally and only when they perceive it is necessary.

Like digital immigrants, digital natives are also not created equal.

The natives are also a diverse group in terms of their attitudes and capacities regarding digital technologies.

Digital Immigrants fall into the following three major groups: We have all met avoiders among the digital immigrants.

They prefer a lifestyle that leaves them relatively technology-free or with minimal-technology.

This group is also referred to as the "i Generation" or is described as having been born with "digital DNA." In contrast, the term "digital immigrant" refers to those born before about 1964 and who grew up in a pre-computer world.

The terms "digital immigrants" and "digital natives" were popularized and elaborated upon by Dr.

Not all Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives are Created Equal It is important to realize that not all digital immigrants and not all digital natives are created equal.